Hello and Welcome!

I am Debbie Doyle  a wife,  I am mom  a wife and an entrepreneur. I enjoy cooking a great deal, maybe because I  have been doing it for as long as I can remember. For most of my adult lives, my friends have always tell me I need to open a Jamaican restaurant, or even start a catering company.  The restaurant thing was simply not going to happen because of the funds. I have had so much things go wrong in my life , it is by the Grace of God I am not dead, strung out on drugs or be an alcoholic. All I can say to that is thank God for Jesus. I looked into the catering gig but too much red tape.

I have however made some serious cash when I was working outside the home, because coworkers would pay me to bring them my cooked food to work for there lunch. 

As  a wife and mom living in today’s society I have found that too many are too busy to prepare delicious, healthy and nutritious meals for there family. Especially in a time such as today when it is needed more than ever for obvious reasons. So with that I want to share my cooking in hopes of inspiring others to jump in the kitchen and cook up some delicious meals for the family. 





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